AkzoNobel adhesives offer high quality bonding solutions for the wooden furniture industry to optimize the use of raw materials, minimize rework and scrap, lower emission and improve indoor air quality.

By offering a variety of adhesive systems, we can provide a customer-fit solution that will fulfill your needs and run efficiently on cold, hot or radio frequency presses.

Whether it is foliating, board on frame / board on styles or veneering, we provide custom-fit solutions e.g. with high water, moisture and heat resistance that will help you to optimize your Flat Line manufacturing process and fulfill international standards.

For the Plywood applications we offer high quality adhesive technologies with a strong glue line to prevent spring-back and reach dimensional stability.

Solid woods, like edge glued panels (EGP), reach a high stability, durability and moisture resistance, when using AkzoNobel adhesive systems that provide a strong glue line and therefore an excellent bonding result.

The manufacturing of interior, exterior or fire doors can be optimized by using our adhesive technologies to reach shorter pressing times regardless of wood variety or type of press, a significant reduction of press temperatures, as well as a high stability, durability and moisture resistance.

Based on your choice of adhesive system, we help you to lower your work-place emission and by using no or low volatile organic component (VOC) levels for a more sustainable manufacturing process to deliver high-quality environmental friendly products.