By providing high performance adhesives AkzoNobel can help you to increase your productivity, along with offering environmental friendly solutions.  

Based on optimized glue spread with shorter pressing times and minimum bleed through, we offer excellent bonding solutions to increase your productivity, reduce rework and scrap and meet international standards such as CARB P2 and JAS F☆☆☆☆.

Having low or even no volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, our ultra low emitting Formaldehyde (ULEF) systems or non-added formaldehyde (NAF) solutions based on EPI, PVAc and dispersion chemistries, will lower workplace emission and improve indoor air quality.

Moreover, with a profound experience of gluing oak or other wood species with different chemistries, our technologies run on a variety of presses, such as cold, hot or radio frequency presses.