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Flat Line

The Flat Line manufacturing process: Foliating, Veneering, BoF/BoS

The business area Flat Line consists of a number of gluing applications including foil lamination, veenering, board on frame (BoF) or board on styles (BoS):

Foil lamination

Our 1K and 2K adhesive systems create an excellent bonding strength on core panels such as particle board or high-density fiberboard (HDF) with a variety foils. With its high performance on automatic lamination lines, our product range includes separate, mix-in, liquid/liquid or liquid/powder systems that optimize the glue consumption and increase productivity. By setting the correct line speed at the correct glue and hardener mixing ratio, we prevent pre-curing or avoid up-foil edges by using the right pressure and glue spread.

Moreover, based on new formaldehyde and isocyanate free chemistry, we provide a solution that prevents fiber swelling compared to PVAc technology and therefore increases the surface quality to reduce rework and scrap.



For veneers glued onto substrates such as particle board or medium-density fiberboard (MDF), we offer adhesive systems that are optimized to your veneering process and provide strong joints on all wood varieties. Based on the right level of glue spread, mixing ratio, viscosity and press temperature our bonding solutions provide fast pressing times, moisture resistance and no cold creep to meet your manufacturing needs.

Our product range includes:

Formaldehyde-based systems offering long pot life, short press times, and CARB P2 ready
PVAc-based systems for hot pressing, providing hard joints and avoiding cold-creeping. EPI-based systems, giving high heat, creep and solvent resistance


Board on Frame (BoF) / Board on Styles (BoS)

To optimize the use of raw materials, the manufacturing process board on frame or board on styles are commonly used to glue honeycomb paper on wooden based frames / styles to create lightweight furniture components. The strong bonding strength of AkzoNobel adhesives is essential to create this stable and robust type of innovative furniture.

All Flat Line applications can be served with more sustainable adhesive systems at low or no emitting formaldehyde levels. For the foil lamination process, we also offer FIF adhesives that are formaldehyde and isocyanate free.

Best suited adhesive technologies for Flat Line applications:

Urea-formaldehyde adhesives   Cost-efficient thermosetting systems
Polyvinyl acetate   Dispersion-based thermoplastic adhesives
Emulsion Polymer systems   High performance adhesive systems for high water and weather resistance
Hotmelt adhesives   Fast setting adhesives for selected production needs

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