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Shorter pressing times regardless of the wood variety or type of press

In the markets for interior, exterior, and fire doors, there are a variety of pressing conditions, adhesive solutions and wood varieties: 

Interior doors  
Production techniques based on hot presses and wood varieties like oak and birch are the most common.

Exterior doors
Customers looking for stability and durability of the product as well as water resistance.

Fire doors
Adhesive solutions based on melamine-formaldehyde systems.

Either producing solid doors from solid wood lamination, veneered doors or honeycomb doors, we offer high performance bonding solutions that will help you to shorten your pressing times regardless of the wood variety or type of press. Moreover, we optimize your manufacturing process by significantly reducing your press temperature, reach high stability, durability and moisture resistance.

Best suited adhesive technologies for door applications:

Polyvinyl acetate   Dispersion-based thermoplastic adhesives
Urea-formaldehyde adhesives   Cost-efficient thermosetting systems

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