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intelliCURE® by AkzoNobel

smart bonding machines and services

About intelliCURE® by AkzoNobel:

Our vision is to supply machine solutions and digital services to make the bonding process for manufacturers of glued wooden products as simple and efficient as possible. 

Our offer includes high performance adhesives plus machine and software solutions to dynamically optimize the bonding process.

Throughout the years we have developed a number of products which we have now bundled in one brand – intelliCURE® by AkzoNobel – smart bonding machines and services which contains 4 categories:

  • SUPPLY: Presents tools to deliver, prepare and apply the adhesive system in the optimum condition, to guarantee the efficiency of your production.

  • MONITOR: Contains hardware and software solutions to control circumstances which might influence the performance of the adhesive system along your entire process chain.

  • OPTIMIZE: Helps you to utilize our adhesives in the most efficient way and improves your competitivness in terms of sustainability-, quality- and cost-management.

  • CARE: Supports the quality management of your bonding process and contains maintenance and service modules.


We see digital transformation as a great opportunity to deliver new value to our customers and drive further growth of their business. intelliCURE® by AkzoNobel is the next logical step in integrating digital services into our product offering and helping our customers to improve the efficiency of their production lines.

Value Proposition:

intelliCURE® by AkzoNobel smart bonding concept is developed for manufacturers of glued wooden products.

It helps to improve efficiency, quality and reliability of the bonding process by automatically monitoring and optimizing line parameters and reducing reject rates.

It also helps to meet targets of key performance indicators (KPI’s) and increases bonding quality.

intelliCURE® by AkzoNobel ensures optimized spread rate accuracy and proper safety margin unlike current insecure, inefficient, manual and time consuming bonding processes.


intelliCURE® by AkzoNobel Subscription : Get more information​


From now on you only pay for an agreed monthly volume without any capital-binding investments.

intelliCURE® by AkzoNobel Subscription offers you a complete system which includes the machines, the workflow, expert know-how, technical support, spare part management and continuous training for your employees.

Increase your level of automation by reducing unnecessary manual work steps and inefficiencies like downtime, rework and scrap. Our experts will take care of such issues and support you to increase your competitiveness.

This means that you can focus and concentrate on your customers, while we take care of your bonding process.

Benefit from the added value of integrating intelliCURE® by AkzoNobel into your production process and get an advantage over your competitors.

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