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History of AkzoNobel Adhesives

Creating the right bond

AkzoNobel Adhesives is proud of its long history, with mergers and acquisitions, development and innovations, challenges and achievements.

Founded by Leif Amundsen, it began as “Casco Adhesives” a small family owned business with a strong conviction that the Company should be a partner delivering solutions and not just a bulk product supplier. With this clear target, Amundsen based the strategy on application know-how and technical expertise.

Today, AkzoNobel Adhesives is a worldwide leader in providing bonding solutions to the wood-working industry, by consistently delivering high-performing adhesives, state-of-the-art application equipment and expert technical advice.

1928: The journey begins
The first premises were located in Stockholm, with a laboratory and production facilities. Based on the license for casein glue production, we opened up the Swedish wood-working market.

1935 – 1946: Expansion in Scandinavia
Our technical expertise together with new application areas, helped us to a market position as a reliable partner. The business expands its operations to Denmark and Norway, where subsidiary offices are established.

1948 – 1970: A new home within a big industrial group
An Era marked by continued expansion and ownership changes. Soon after the establishment of a new subsidiary in Finland, AkzoNobel Adhesives was sold to Stockholm Fosfatbolag AB, a major industrial group that later became Nobel Industries.

The 1970's: The system concept was born
The end of the 70's was marked by a major achievement: The first adhesive application machine was developed, specifically designed for mixing and application of adhesives and hardeners. A new and revolutionary business concept was born, and after that we took a market leader advantage by selling complete solutions, including adhesives, application equipment and technical advice.

1980 – 1990: International expansion in Europe and Asia
With a new business model and the vision of becoming an international business, the road to success was clear. During 80's and 90's, we expanded rapidly in Europe, both through corporate growth and acquisitions. Areas of expansion included Germany, France, Spain, Benelux and Italy.

Moreover, by establishing a subsidiary in Singapore, our strong business concept proved to be extremely successful in less mature markets. This helped AkzoNobel Adhesives to become the leader in flooring solutions and a key supplier to the furniture segments.

1994: A historical merge
A major merger between Dutch group Akzo and Nobel Industries resulted in today’s world leader in coatings and adhesives for the wood industry: AkzoNobel.

1990 – 2000: Crossing the Atlantic
At a time of strong growth in key application areas, a subsidiary was established in the United States, where our liquid-liquid technology was a revolutionary approach. Soon after, we took a leading position in the plywood and paper lamination segments.

Moreover, as a strategic step in the resins portfolio, a local business in Colombia, South America, was acquired. Ten years after, Interquim S.A. continues to have a dominant position in the resins business in Latin America.

To complete the process of internationalization in Latin America, subsidiaries were established in Brazil and Chile.

2009: Technology leaders join forces in Eastern Europe
Building a sustainable position in the strategic Eastern European region, we acquired the wood adhesives business of Kronospan. This region is the production center for some of the biggest and most innovative furniture retailers. Now we can help them reach the quality demanded and the productivity needed to prosper in Eastern Europe.

2014: Recognized innovator for the wood industry AkzoNobel Adhesives has continued to invest in its people, products and customers, and has become a recognized innovator for the wood industry, with machinery and software concepts that deliver both efficiencies and improved final product quality. We are also leading the way in formaldehyde reduction, responding to tougher work place and built environment demands from both our direct customers and consumers.

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